Radiant Running teaches the basic principles that underlie movement within the context of your particular sport, or daily life and work-related activities.

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New! In-depth videos on six common injuries, just uploaded:

Plantar Fasciitis •  Achilles Tendonitis • IT Band Syndrome • Shin Splints • High Hamstring Pain • Hip Flexor Pain • or watch them all on YouTube


“NO JOKE, after 2+ years of pain and facing a no-choice surgery, I was running without pain for miles at a time. It wasn't "less pain", it was no pain…. After a few months, I jumped back into a marathon training program under Douglas's direction. I ran my first marathon in 3:30.”

— Troy L. (Read Troy's full story)



Video: Running Form Before and After




Long Distance Skype Sessions

"As a busy mom and professor, I very much appreciate the convenience of “meeting” via Skype. Douglas’ sage advice is never more than a phone call, email, or Skype session away." — Nicole N., Indiana

2-Session Running Clinic
at Apex Center, Arvada

Saturdays: April 11 & 25
More details here

In-depth videos: learn how to Heal on the Run by identifying and fixing six common running form errors.

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Denver Post • July 16, 2013

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9News KUSA-TV • May 8, 2013

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Denver Post • March 26, 2013

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Contact Douglas for a FREE running form evaluation or injury evaluation
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